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Bored with Obama Drama? I am.
I don't think he's all that interested in party lines. He had me at "all hands on deck" ... You?

These cats and kittens who say the world might be a better place if he weren't putting his best years and family on the line each day need to stop trying to campaign for something they will surely do no better job of, if elected, themselves.
Is he keeping his campaign promises? Who knows? 

He was looking at a completely different world in 2007-2008. And so are you.
One thing I do know is none of these candidates really realize what they are running for is World Leader Pretend
You don't think Hilary isn't freakin' about the leakin' ... do you?

I support the Wikileaks effort as a planetary citizen, but for my nationalist leanings, barbaric as they might be, well, you'd be hard-pressed to find an authoritative Democrat in Congress with access to national security directives who won't feel the same way.
This is a nation at war, after all. For example, we got our asses kicked by BP in a chemical attack ... then the corporate internationalists started to zero in for the kill ... and if you haven't happened to notice, there's a string of awkw...ardly self-inflicted historical creation myth demigods basically stretching across areas just to the north of the Equator, from South America to Pakistan, who have drawn their lines against the West ... Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... all sides of my so-called family can barely speak to each other due to the civil war of disunion raging in our subdividing minds ... 
Who's a Republican? Who's a real Democrat? 
Is there anything I need to vote on today!
‎... And Ronald Reagan.
We just had a guy from the CIA go on The Colbert Show and tell us our national policy across the planet is to blame for 9/11 ... and I think we all knew that ... after four decades of Plutocratic zeal and shadowy lies and deception ... Obama only looks like a Republican now to some because the center is maybe, just maybe, a kind of Goldwater-era conservatism.
Which is why we have no idea which way each tea partier will swing, from one day to the next. Libertarians will always be a mixed bag of nuts, anyway.
We danced away the 1980s to the tune of religious hypocrisy and political fakery, with the youth culture, and only the youth culture, seeming to be moving with enough mass-media savvy, to pick up on the restoration of an alternative, via the agitprop bands from U2 to Pearl Jam, but was it enough?

But look now: If you drew a line slightly curved across the planet from Venezuela, slightly turning downward, then heading back up toward North Korea, with China grinning in the middle, you would have a Smiley Face with very big teeth. 
We ffffeeed up bad after World War II, real bad. We blew it before we were even born, you and I and many of us, right down the unsuspecting river. 
We sold our farms. Then our grandparents went out and spent their winnings on fast cars, fast food, supported a methane dispensing meat industry to feed that demon, guns and tanks and missiles galore, to make sure we could gobble it all up, falling prey to the only winners who can afford taxes anymore, the oil companies and floating digital seas of international money storms called banks, all made fidgety by a tactile-neurotic e-trade sell-out, time- is-money mentality open to everyone with a electricity greedy little hand-held device, then traded our heritage for the empire dreams of Skull & Crossbones types for four decades, exploding our national surplus on a fireworks display in the Mideast, paying off handsomely for Haliburton this and Blackwater that, with pallets of cash guarded by under-supported National Guard kids driving Hummers down the unsafe narrow streets of Baghdad ... only to phock up the entire food chain and earthly delight called, interestingly, weather ... while that situation remains, deathly so, on the back burner.
Why won't these Republicans declare to get in a race to beat a guy who, from all appearances, is able to handle this crap. I can't imagine how they might want all of the drama? Can you?

The cult of personality is partially to blame.

Let's go to the movies. Let's talk about heroes.

Since I was old enough to visualize a screen, I have been absorbing stories about Lone Gunmen. They are the types of heroes who, like Robin Hood, attempt to defeat pure evil by themselves.

They are rebels without causes. They are Zoros, marked. They are Lone Rangers. Sometimes they have sidekicks. Tontoes. Robbins. Robots for Will Robinsons. They are Btuch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They are Bonnie and Clyde.

And guess what, they all fought the law, and the law wins. Or, at least, next week's episode is needed to resolve the inherent issues of battling pure evil. Or, at least, a sequel is necessary.

The fact is, two people can't do it alone. One won't, obviously. Too many fuckheads. Too many minions of hell. They have been way too organized for way too long and, basically, too many people, also minions of hell, find it way to profitable to keep it that way.

Go to "Democracy in America," by Alexis DeTocqueville, who observes that the best way to dissassemble any opposition to the forces of tyranny and overeaching authority is to divide and conquer. This was before most labor unions in the U.S. came about. Before the revolutions, more evolved than those of the 18th and 19th centuries, came about.

But today we see whole sweeps of people, connected via technologies for communications sweeping away whole seemingly intractable regimes within a few years, months, days. Hour by hour.

How do you recognize the pudding heads, then? Well, follow the money. That always helps. But also check into this: Who is trying to split up the opposition with shadow games, deception? Also, who isn't being heard from, although they seem to be responsible (such as Dick Cheney during the BP oil spill fiasco). The rat will always go into hiding when confronted with someone who wants to speak truth to power.

How else? God knows, doesn't care. We decide. We. Decide. Nobody else around, really. It's plain as this: All hands on deck! Sink, or swim. We may not be able to save the world, but we can save each other.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons in Social Dysfunctions: What's Wrong with These Politicians? Are They Completely Insane?

Should we de-fund congressional health care? Would we get better representation if they weren't living on the Cadillac Plan of life?

Perhaps so. Maybe then they can start out by paying for their own mental health care out of pocket. Because, quite obviously, on all sides of the aisle, they have gone completely berserk.

The members of Congress need to know what the street actually feels like beneath their shoes, what it's like to be human and not flown around in Lear jets, what 99.9 percent of the population has to deal with when they play political shadow games with our lives.

Many of the most powerful of these people have been playing shadow games for so long, they have forgotten how shadows are actually made.

That's why, when now cast in the eviscerating light of truth, they look so implausibly ridiculous. And no, they aren't tricking anybody by only leading us to think that way.

They really are just that lost in centuries within centuries of shadow games.

Justice may be a human conceit, but every now and then you see something to make you think humans may be on to something good ... But you won't see it from Congress until they figure out what it's actually like to be a human being again.

It's worth a try. Hell, just about anything else but the conditions Americans are living under, due to the political situation, is worth a try. Throw the dice. Destroy the code, or, at least, set it free to the people. I have a feeling that in this century, good fortune will follow if we have the right motives. Luck is the residue of design. If you can tell me who said that, I will sign your post with my exclusive digital signature at no cost to you, the consumer ...

My name is definitely not Ronald Reagan and I approved this message ...


Artwork above by Jasper Johns, recent winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Bards of Mythville | Phoenix, AZ | Alternative / alt-country / post-punk topical techno poesy | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

Bards of Mythville | Phoenix, AZ | Alternative / alt-country / post-punk topical techno poesy | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

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