Tuesday, May 11, 2004

“Although it may not be apparent, everything is in order.”

~From "The Road to Mythville," by Douglas McDaniel

The Mythville Project

For better or worse, the first drafts in Douglas McDaniel's efforts in speculative non-fiction begin with an extended string of readings currently preserved at G21.net. "The Mythville Project" begins here.

The Bog in the Hole Where the Animals Fell

The Mythville Project Blossoms: Douglas McDaniel's special project begins an experiment in co(operative) publishing with a story that begins at The World's Magazine and leaps like a sprite across two Web sites. "The Bog in the Hole Where the Animals Fell" begins here.

Of Scrapple and Soul

A collection of new poems by Douglas McDaniel, author of "The Road to Mythville," contain a strong post-Sept. 11 edge. Examples of an upcoming book of poetry are now on view here.

The Kachina's Son

A new hypertext book by Douglas McDaniel, starting with the first chapter, "The Bog in the Hole Where the Animals Fell," begins here.

Ipswich in a Time of War

A new collection of poems by Douglas McDaniel, written since Sept. 11, 2001, for obvious reasons. Click Here.

Mythville Call and Response

Despite the rather clunky use of such techniques as spamming and other outrageous behavior, at least half of it accidental, Mythville has been getting a lot of positive response lately. Lit Myth Test.

Hot Stove League Means No Joy in Mythville

An upcoming collection of writings on baseball is getting an introduction with a new chapter about the New York Mets scout who discovered Nolan Ryan, Red Murff. Read all about it at No Joy In Mythville.

New Microsoft Reader eBooks Offered: "Kachina's Son" and "The Road to Mythville"

Part of a new offering, Mythville will trade two Microsoft Reader e-Books for your e-mail address. Please respond to mythville@yahoo.com and make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the reader at: Microsoft eBook Reader Download.

"All is Unfair in Media Arts And War"

Mythville's latest offering to G21.net, "Media Arts in War," has won high praise for low pay from its editor, Rod Amis: "Sporadic but consistent contributor DOUGLAS MCDANIEL, who produces our 'Mythville Project' feature, never ceases to amaze me. When he plays to his strength, gonzo journalism, he produces some of the finest work it's been my pleasure to feature in The World's Magazine. That has never been more true than this week. I encourage you to read his piece, 'North Shore Art in War.' It's probably the best writing I've read on The Aftermath thus far.". G21.net.

'William Blake in Cyberspace' makes G21.net's 300th edition

For some reason, Rod Amis at G21.net puts up with this insanity, "What's now proven was once only imagined." Perhaps because he helped to inspire this piece, which will be one of the final chapters of a new book, "Glasnost Lost." G21.net.

'William Blake in Cyberspace' Is Comic Strip Hero

Unheralded comic genius Cal Rhodes has rendered Douglas McDaniel, aka, "William Blake in Cyberspace," as a tragic comic strip figure. Plastic miniature replicas soon to follow at Avatars R Us. Savage Pilgrims.

"The Road to Mythville" available at iUniverse.com

A new collection of poems by Douglas McDaniel is available as a print-on-demand product at the iUniverse.com bookstore. Just plug "Road to Mythville" into the title search engine, and everything seems pretty apparent after that.

'Too Many Horses,' and Mythville Verse

A very recent batch of poems, written in Ipswich and Concord, Massachusetts, during a time of war are unveiled at the usual Mythville suspects, Kachina's Son. Released as drafts with a special nod of thanks to the elegant and swift bards of Concord and Ipswich, where real poetry lives and breathes each day.