Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons in Social Dysfunctions: What's Wrong with These Politicians? Are They Completely Insane?

Should we de-fund congressional health care? Would we get better representation if they weren't living on the Cadillac Plan of life?

Perhaps so. Maybe then they can start out by paying for their own mental health care out of pocket. Because, quite obviously, on all sides of the aisle, they have gone completely berserk.

The members of Congress need to know what the street actually feels like beneath their shoes, what it's like to be human and not flown around in Lear jets, what 99.9 percent of the population has to deal with when they play political shadow games with our lives.

Many of the most powerful of these people have been playing shadow games for so long, they have forgotten how shadows are actually made.

That's why, when now cast in the eviscerating light of truth, they look so implausibly ridiculous. And no, they aren't tricking anybody by only leading us to think that way.

They really are just that lost in centuries within centuries of shadow games.

Justice may be a human conceit, but every now and then you see something to make you think humans may be on to something good ... But you won't see it from Congress until they figure out what it's actually like to be a human being again.

It's worth a try. Hell, just about anything else but the conditions Americans are living under, due to the political situation, is worth a try. Throw the dice. Destroy the code, or, at least, set it free to the people. I have a feeling that in this century, good fortune will follow if we have the right motives. Luck is the residue of design. If you can tell me who said that, I will sign your post with my exclusive digital signature at no cost to you, the consumer ...

My name is definitely not Ronald Reagan and I approved this message ...


Artwork above by Jasper Johns, recent winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom